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Greetings from the director

NPO Enshu Life Support Net provides services of "life training", "working transition support business", "working retention support business", and "working continuation type B business" within the framework of the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities.

At the "Work Center Big Tree", we provide life training, employment transition support, and employment retention support, and we carry out programs tailored to each individual's issues and goals for the purpose of rehabilitation such as social participation and employment. I'm

At "Work Center Futaba", we will provide employment continuation support type B, and we will carry out practical employment programs at coffee shops and our own farms according to each person's issues with the goal of working and continuing to work. We are also focusing on support for employment

-Enhanced support for people with higher brain dysfunction-
"Higher brain dysfunction" occurs when the brain is damaged due to a traffic accident or illness. Symptoms are characterized by large individual differences, such as decreased attention and memory, difficulty in making schedules and plans, and uncontrollable emotions.

At first glance, it is difficult to see obstacles by exchanging greetings and conversations, but problems are more likely to surface compared to family life because the processing speed, sustainability, judgment, communication skills, and emotional control required for work life are likely to be affected. It is.

However, due to such aspects of disability, there are many cases in which bosses and colleagues demand work and are overburdened in the same way as healthy people. In addition, for young people who are expected to reintegrate into society, there are few places to support by moving from medical institutions after an accident or illness, and there are few suitable services, and there are cases where they are forced to withdraw.

We provide a place for those in need of support for such social participation, gain some information about their cognitive function through accumulated experience, look at themselves and become aware of their disabilities. We support ourselves with the expectation that knowing ourselves will be a step toward society.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or are interested in supporting our office.

Work Center Big Tree Director Kumiko Yamao
Yukiko Sakai, Director of Work Center Futaba

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