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If you are considering using the office, please contact each facility once.

Work Center Big Tree 053-420-6250

Work Center Futaba (LaLa Café) 053-455-8226


Facility tours and facility experiences are always okay. Please feel free to contact us.

I will also explain the procedure.


Flow to use the service


Consultation / application (consultation support company) (municipalities)

Application for use

Request for submission of service usage plan (municipalities)

106 items of assessment regarding physical and mental conditions (municipalities)

Survey of considerations (municipalities)

Hearing the intention to use the service (municipalities)

Submission of service usage plan

Provisional payment decision (municipalities)

Notification of provisional payment decision to applicant (municipalities)

Creating a service usage plan

Use the service for a certain period of time

Individual support plan

Payment decision (municipalities)


See below for details

Service usage procedure, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website

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