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​About car driving support

In Japan, which is said to be an automobile society, the ownership rate of driver's licenses exceeds 70%. Especially in areas where transportation infrastructure is not well-developed, it may be difficult to secure a lifeline such as shopping, going to hospital, or commuting due to the inability to drive a car.

In response to the growing needs for driving a car for people with disabilities, in January 2014, Work Center Daiki started supporting people with disabilities at a welfare facility for the first time in Japan. I hope that the purpose of driving support will help people with disabilities to participate in society. However, not all people with disabilities can resume driving. People with disabilities are also members of society. It is our duty to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society after understanding the risks of driving a car and understanding that we will be the perpetrators.


If driving is dangerous, you should refrain from driving.


Work Center Large Tree has a car driving resumption support program, but it consists of permission from the attending physician, information sharing with the therapist in charge, and a cooperating driving school.

Also, please note that the use is limited to those who can use the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities.

For more information, please contact us.

Role of our office

・ Clarify the effects of higher brain dysfunction on driving a car

・ Provide training to reduce the risk of driving a car

Implementation of driving simulator

Implementation of cognitive training

Implementation of visual scanning training

Implementation of actual vehicle driving training (at a cooperating facility)

・ Create a report to your doctor







* Please note that even if you use this program, you will not be compensated for being able to resume driving. The Public Safety Commission decides whether or not to resume operation based on the opinion of the attending physician.

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