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Cooperation with the community​

高齢猫移住施設 ちびママの家 様




庄島農縁 様



Hamamatsu International Association (HICE)

"HICE" published monthly by Hamamatsu International Association (HICE)  We are helping to ship the bulletin called "NEWS".
Attach a label, count and enclose the number so that you do not make a mistake.
I work with a good sense of tension in a different environment than usual.

~ HICE  What is NEWS? ~
This is a public relations magazine that informs about lectures and events at HICE.
There are three types, Japanese, Portuguese, and English, elementary school, junior high school, and
It is arranged by public institutions such as the city hall.

(Work scenery)


Delivering freshly picked vegetables

A lot of vegetables from our own farm

I thought, "Is it possible to be more useful?"

Deliver to groups doing support activities in the same area

We have started a new initiative .

February 2021

Sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, etc.

We delivered winter vegetables from Lara Cafe Farm

Kokomi Square

Children's cafeteria "Tsumugi"

Whereabouts of children

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