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​Workshop information

​Lecture information

2021.4.21 In-house workshop lecture About stretching and exercise before farm work (CTC Hinari Co., Ltd.)
2021.5.14 Vocational Rehabilitation Studies (Seirei Christopher University)
2021.5.14 About employment support and occupational therapy (Nagoya Medical Health Sports College) Online
2021.5.21 About employment support from the standpoint of welfare and convalescent rehabilitation hospital (Rehatech Links Co., Ltd.) Online
2021.5.28   Career Design (Seirei Christopher University)
2021.6.24 Community Occupational Therapy (Seirei Christopher University)
2021.7.  2 Higher brain dysfunction (Seirei Christopher University)
2021.7.20 Job coach training training 2021 (Hamamatsu NPO Network Center) Online
2021.7.24-25 Clinical Training Instructor Workshop (Shizuoka Occupational Therapist Association) Online
2021.8.30   Reiwa 3rd Year 1st Employment Support Team Meeting for Persons with Disabilities and Employment and Living Support Center for Persons with Disabilities Gradually Liaison and Coordination Meeting
2021.9. 7     Kamo Area Higher Brain Dysfunction Reiwa 3rd Year Higher Brain Dysfunction Support Worker Workshop and Network Conference Online
2021.10.7   Sekishi Collaboration Center (Hamamatsu City)
​ 2021.10.21  Adult guardian basic training (about higher brain dysfunction) (Hamamatsu City)
​ 2021.11.6 Outing course to know and gain Yuto Library (Hamamatsu City)
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