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Let's know the welfare facility! Regular tour

Based on the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities, the NPO Enshu Life Support Net offers "Work Center Big Tree" (life training, employment transition support, employment retention support project) and "Work Center Futaba" (working continuation support type B project). We operate.

Welfare services are complex and diverse, and we hear people say they don't know what they are doing. The current situation is that it is still unfamiliar. "seeing is believing". Therefore, we have decided to hold a "Let's know about welfare facilities! Regular tour" so that more people can understand the welfare facilities.

-------- Basic schedule ------

8:50 Meeting

9:00 Outline explanation and tour

9:30 Work Center Futaba Morning Assembly Participation

9:35 Move to a big tree

Move while explaining

10:00 Work center Large tree activity tour

11:00 Departure Move to Work Center Futaba

Q & A and explanation

11:30 end

If you wish, you can have a meal (questions and answers are possible while eating)

This is a regular tour, so feel free to apply.

* Visits are available upon request other than regular tours.

In that case, please contact us at

​Click here for details

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