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Disability Comprehensive Support Law Business

Work center


LaLa Cafe (main store) Continuing employment type B business

With the goal of working and continuing to work, we will carry out a practical employment program at LaLaCafe according to each individual's challenges.

We are planning office work, cleaning work, farm work, exercise program (1-2 times / month), vocational preparation course (1 time / month), seasonal events, etc. We are also focusing on support for employment.

Our strengths are various tests by occupational therapists and medical cooperation.

Remote support using Zoom started in the spring of 2020.

Work Center Futaba (Lara Cafe) Address


1-18-4 Central, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Wisteria Peak 1F



LaLa Cafe  ( Create store)

LaLa Cafe coffee stand. A store specializing in light meal takeouts.


Create Hamamatsu 1st floor


Lara Cafe own farm (agricultural fortune cooperation)

Cultivate pesticide-free vegetables throughout the year.

As a employment program, we will work in the fields.

The harvested vegetables are used as ingredients at LaLaCafe,

We also sell over-the-counter during a good harvest.

It has been well received by the local people as a safe and secure vegetable.

Working comfortably under the blue sky is one of the most popular employment programs.

Work Center Futaba Regional Cooperation

From 2020, we are promoting the creation of a regional network with the aim of becoming a facility that can contribute to the local community.

Visited Megumi Farm on April 15, 2021

Meeting about user's vegetable harvesting experience and vegetable sales. From this year, corn will be sold at LaLa Cafe and dishes using Brussels sprouts will be offered at LaLa Cafe.

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