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Disability Comprehensive Support Law Business

Work center big tree
​ Work Center Big Tree Station Office

​Life training, employment transition support, employment retention support


For the purpose of rehabilitation such as social participation and employment, we carry out programs tailored to each individual's issues and purposes.


Feature 1

Individual programs tailored to individual symptoms

Feature 2

Full of professionals in support staff

Occupational therapist, certified psychologist, certified public psychologist, job coach)

Feature 3

Assessment (neuropsychological test, psychological test, occupational test, etc.)

Support plan by

Feature 4

Medical care and cooperation

(Program contents)

Vocational preparation course, light work, out-of-facility training, yoga, leisure support

Various tests, medical cooperation


Head office

3-46-14 Takaokahigashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi

Station square office


No. 203, 1-18-4 Central, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi

Phone: 053-420-6250


■ When coming by a public institution

5 minutes walk from the bus stop "Oiwake"


Station square office

5 minutes walk from Enshu Railway "Enshu Hospital Station"

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