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​Countermeasures against new coronavirus

​As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, our facility wears masks and measures the temperature of the staff.

​We ask that users and those who visit the facility also wear masks and disinfect their hands. If you have a fever or feel unwell, please refrain from going to the office or visiting.

​As a response to the spread of new coronavirus infection, we have prepared a remote support system so that we can provide continuous support.

​Satisfaction of remote support equipment Rental of tablet terminals for remote support

Creating video content for support

1. 1. Towel gymnastics open

2. 2. Eco bag making public

3. 3. Cognitive Rehabilitation: Understanding Correctly (Lecture) Limited Release

4. Yoga Stretch ① Limited release

5. Yoga Stretch ② Limited release

6. Yoga Stretch ③ Limited release

7. Yoga Stretch ④ Limited release

8. How to make banana cake released

9. Health Recommendations-About Hypertension- (Lecture) Limited Release

10. Strength training program (trunk 1) Limited release

11. Strength training program (trunk 2) Limited release

12. Strength training program (upper arm 1) Limited release

13. Making Misanga     Release

14. Chopstick rest making public

15. Strength training (lower body 1) Limited release

16. Strength training (lower body 2) Limited release

How to use zoom 1 (connection method) released

​ 施設内研修

障害者雇用の現状(10分) 限定公開 

学生用オリエンテーション(54分) 限定公開


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