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Bringing the desire to work to society


Under individual consultation

We also accept consultations from the school's learning support room.

Please feel free to contact us.

It is available for trial.


Train communication skills and problem-solving skills necessary for employment

A task-achieving program using the educational version of LEGO®

It's okay if you can't program. We will improve communication skills and problem-solving skills while having fun through activities.

​From the assessment, we will find learning, problem-solving methods in daily life, compensation methods, etc. together with professionals and learn.

Employment preparation support

(How to read job vacancies, how to write resumes, how to receive interviews, occupation matching, self-analysis)

Employment support system by a team of job coaches, occupational therapists, certified / certified public psychologists, and those who have completed basic employment support training

* It will be a custom-made learning support program tailored to each required skill. (The above is an example)

Target: High school students, college students, vocational school students (recommended to use from the early employment preparation stage)
Classroom date: Time is required for consultation
Expenses: ¥ 6,600 (tax included) / unit 60 minutes The expenses will be applied to personnel expenses, teaching materials expenses, and equipment expenses.

(People who can use the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities are virtually free)

*Please contact us for more details.

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